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“Building a Startup into a Brand”
In the multifaceted world of design, there comes a point when a brand becomes more than just a logo. In her keynote, Andrea will speak about how she’s navigated this inflection point at the thriving tech startup, Flywheel. She’ll explain why she left one of the country’s top ad agencies to take full ownership of developing a brand in-house. Her talk will walk through the inner workings of building the company’s identity from the ground up, all while delicately balancing the need to allow it to grow, scale, and shift alongside the ever evolving tech industry.

“Behind the Scenes”
In her presentation, Andrea will invite you to take a look inside her process as well as the design thinking it takes to win awards, launch successful campaigns, and elevate brands through well crafted design. Based on her experience, she’ll also shine a light on the differences between working at an agency, in-house, and as a freelancer. Revealing that wherever you work, you can create branded elements that are proven to surprise and delight.