A major piece of the employer brand of Flywheel is centralized on the humanizing hosting -- the people who make up the culture of the company. Wanting to showcase what goes on behind the scenes at this tech startup required more than just a flashy landing page, blog article, or Instagram photo -- that's where this video comes in. 
As the Art Director and Brand Designer of Flywheel, I was tasked with taking control over the marketing initiative of attracting not just new hires, but the right people for the positions this growing company was opening. Over the course of two months, I worked with our copywriter on a script, scouted multiple locations, hand-picked Flywheel employees to spotlight (some flying in from overseas), and assembled a play-by-play 20 page dossier. All this to then be distilled down into 2 days of filming alongside a team of videographers I trusted to see my vision come to life. 
The result was skyrocketing engagement with both future employees, and new clients as they were now able to fully understand what makes Flywheel standout in the sea of WordPress hosts.